Hi, I am Allana Blumberg and I am finishing up my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at Ryerson University. Oh, and I am freaking out just a *little* bit. 

I mentally prepared myself to finish up my studies in May of 2022; however, I quickly learned earlier this year that I will be finishing up my studies in DECEMBER of 2021, aka THIS year. To be quite frank, this startled me and has led me to have a *bit* of a panic. 

So, naturally, I went to my Instagram stories to ask YOU angels for some advice, knowing that some of you have already navigated this and could potentially provide some words of wisdom to a very stressed and anxious Lani. And of course, naturally, I got some requests to share this knowledge as some of you are in the same boat as I am, so why not write a blog post? Hopefully, some of you find this helpful and I can gather the mental capacity to apply some of this wisdom to my life both presently and in the future. 


Okay sisters, I already have a profile on LinkedIn and my bff Maia, who was on my podcast (Morning Rae, ya that thing of mine) helped audit my profile a few months back. Since this 2 hour long Zoom call with Maia, I have been a LinkedIn QUEEN (you can check it out here if you'd like). I encourage you, along with those who provided this advice, to create and utilize your LinkedIn profile and to become a networking star! 

Here is what to do on LinkedIn:

  • Connect with people that work where you want to work (think company and/or role)
  • Reach out to people with careers you think you want and set up coffee dates
  • Utilize your university's alumni network and connect with them
  • Apply for jobs under the 'Jobs' section and apply for them all (the limit does NOT exist)
  • Post about your accomplishments (yes, it is TOTALLY acceptable to brag on this platform)
  • Make sure your profile sells you and helps you stand out!


I have been doing this all morning already and plan to continue to spend a little time each day doing this moving forward, but REACH OUT! If you take one thing from this blog post, reach out. A little fun fact for you angels, not all jobs are posted. Yup, you read that right. You can also create your own opportunities by reaching out to all the companies you think you could see yourself working at or reach out directly to your contacts on LinkedIn ;) Send over that resume and cover letter ASAP!

Here is a little example of an e-mail you can send:

To whom it may concern:

My name is xxxxx and I am finishing up my Bachelor's degree in xx at xxx University. I love your company's values like x and y, as they align with mine. I am emailing to inquire about any paid or volunteer position within your company, xx. I have attached my resume to this e-mail for your reference. I am looking forward to your reply. 




There is NO such thing as too many job applications. You will never know unless you try, right? But where can you apply for these jobs? Here is a nice list for you angels:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Your university's job portal
  • Company's career sites 
  • Job posting sites 

Even if you don't get the jobs, the interview experience is EVERYTHING. Always send your thank you notes and ask for feedback when appropriate, so you can learn and grow as a job candidate. Some more pieces of advice when it comes to applying for jobs:

  • "apply for a job even if you don't have the 5-7 years experience"
  • "if you can attend job fairs in person those are ... where the most connections are built!"
  • "alumni are great connections"
  • "cater your resume for every job you apply to" 
  • "people doing the hiring notice the little things like non-generic resume, company name in the file name, etc. and don't be afraid to put some fun stories in your cover letter - doesn't have to be boring/'professional'"
  • don't be afraid to apply for jobs 'outside of your field' or that are 'below you' or 'above you'


I hope that some of the tips I got from you angels can be helpful for those also in a little bit of a post-grad scaries panic mode like me. Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you want to chat a little more. 


xx Lani


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