One of my most frequently asked questions is what I wear for my workouts. I am a little bias with my favourite athleisure brand because I work for them… BUT they were my favourite and go-to long before getting hired there.

From the title of this post, its obvious af… so yes its Lululemon Athletica. Not only do I want to look good, but I also want to feel my best so that I can perform my best. Also, like who doesn’t feel more motivated to workout with new & cute workout clothes? If you don’t, you’re a little crazy.

Let’s get chatting x


1) Free to be Wild

This bra is a low impact bra (I have small girls okay). The back is super flattering with all the different straps crossing. It’s great for low-impact exericses like pilates (aka Lagree) or yoga. However, being I am part of the itty bitty committee I can wear it for my BBG workouts or weight lifting.

2) Energy Bra

This is the best all-round sports bra. I love wearing this style for my more intense workouts like F45, HIIT classes at Sweat and Tonic, and spin. It is also great for running or cardio-based workouts. It is made with Luxtreme which is one of the OG Lulu fabrics.

I also love this bra in the long line design for when I workout outside. It fits more like a bra top/cropped tank to provide more coverage but still allow that breathability for those summer sweat seshs. It’s perfect for runs outside (now that I am #running and working up to 5k). If you have been following me for a bit on IG, this is the classic blue bra I am always wearing.

3) Flow Y Bra

This was one of the first sports bra I purchased from Lululemon and years later it is still a staple for me. It is more low-impact so it’s perfect for weight-lifting or low-impact workouts, like yoga and pilates. I love the simple design of it. I have it in both luxtreme and nulu.

I recently got it in the long line version in nulu and I love it. It’s like a little dainty tank top but with enough support to work out in.

4) Rejuvenate Bra

Okay. This bra is my absolute new favourite and it is so. damn. comfy. It is made out of my favourite material by Lululemon, nulu, so it is super soft and buttery. It is a lower impact bra, but due to being #IttyBitty it works for me for my BBG workouts. It is a long line fit, so it offers more coverage and fits like a cropped tank (my favourite). BONUS: it is also reversible so it is like 2-in-1.


1) Align Pant 25”

I have lived in my aligns since 2016 when they first dropped. Think naked but clothed. They’re so buttery soft and flattering. I am sure you have heard about them before because everyone RAVES about them. They’re definitely a Lululemon must have! The 25” length is also the perfect full length tight on me (I am 5’4”/163cm) which means no bunching or folding at the bottom.

2) Wunder Train HR Tight 25”

The first tight to get me out of my aligns when it comes to my workouts. I love these because they fit like the Aligns only with a bit more of a hug. They’re also more durable and sweat wicking made from Everlux (the fastest drying fabric by Lululemon). Think fast drying as in 5 minutes out of a SUPER sweaty spin class they were dry as if I just put them on. You NEED these.

3) Speed Up Tight 28”

I call these my ‘fancy leggings’. The pockets are amazing to put your phone if you’re out and about walking or on a run. They make everything feel tucked in and good.

4) Time to Sweat Crop 23”

One of my most latest purchases. I got these leggings for my walks outside in the spring, and now runs as well. They’re the perfect length and rise. They also stay up, even while running, and hug you all the right places. My latest obsession, especially because of all the flattering seam work.

5) Pace Rival MR Crop 22”

I got these tights last summer for my outdoor walks. I love the mesh detailing and pockets.

6) Surge Jogger 29”

Yes, they’re mens. Yes, I love them. It’s amazing how big the pockets are. Picture super light weight, flattering joggers that are super high rise, waist cinching and sweat-wicking. Here’s a picture of them on a male though…

Lululemon Surge Jogger


1) Perfectly Oversize Crew

This crewneck is the perfect level of warmth and comfort. I love how breathable it is and the perfect level of oversized, hence its name. I highly recommend this one - I have it in beige and black. I am eyeing the white and pink as we speak.

I hope this gave you some insight on my fav pieces from Lululemon!!

I am sure I will have new additions shortly. Let me know if you pick anything up☺️✨

xx Lani

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