I always say to source your nutrients from whole foods opposed to an elixir of powders and potions, but it is always good to supplement to fill those gaps. As a disclaimer, always talk to your doctor or medical professional before choose what supplements are right for YOU. however, I have gotten TONS of questions about what supplements and vitamins I take regularly, so here I am sharing what works great for me!


Since introducing this into my life about a year ago, things haven’t been better. It is great for muscle recovery, all over relaxation and helps keep things moving (if you know what i mean). I take 1 pill at night, typically an absorable magnesium and it helps me sleep like a baby too.


Wellnesswithsoph introduced me to this last summer and its been a GAME. CHANGER. I highly recommend this goodie if you suffer from IBS. I started to take it when i was dealing with constipation and irregularity in my bowel movements. Triphala is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help support bowel health and aid in digestion. It is non-habit forming and isn’t a laxative. It helps keep me feeling light and good. I take 1-2 every night after dinner.


Eating a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet can lead to a deficiency in B12 vitamins which are found in animal products. B12 is essential to keeping your body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. It is also vital to DNA formation. I take 1000mcg of B12 in the morning.


Living in Canada means long winters and lack of sunshine. Vitamin D is essential for good bone health. I also find that when I have been inconsistent with taking vitamin D in the past, my mood and anxiety levels have flucuated greatly, especially in the colder months. I take 3000 IU in the morning, as recommended by my doctor.


This supplement is great for your hair and skin, and females in general. It can help with PMS and balancing hormones. I personally take it for the hair and skin benefits as it is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. I have noticed my skin and hair grow A LOT faster since start to implement. I take this in the morning.


This is newer to me but I started taking it to help manage the IBS-like symptoms I have been having. Slippery Elm is a natural remedy which has the ability to coat the surface in which it touches, like the GI tract. This means it is capable of soothing the stomach lining and intestines, reducing irritation. It has been show to help treat the symptoms associated with IBS, Crohns and Colitis. I take 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and sometimes additionally at night, before bed.


Another new addition, like Slippery Elm. It is an important amino acid that has many functions within the body. It plays an essential role in digestive health, which is why I started taking it. L-Glutamine is an important energy source for intenstine and immune cells, which also helps protect against Leaky Gut. I have noticed minimal differences so far, but they say it can take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to notice the benefits. I take 1 serving in the morning mixed with water, preferably 30 minutes before eating.


I have been taking probiotics for almost 2 years now. They help keep my immune system strong and digestion regular. They are the good bacteria found in your gut! I personally have switched to a symbiotic (pre and probiotic) about a month and a half ago. Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fibre that act like ‘fertilizers’ stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut found in foods like onion, garlic, bananas, and chicory root. Whereas probiotics are the live bacteria found in fermented foods and yogurt. I take 2 capsules of my Seed symbiotic in the morning. I always make sure to take it, especially when taking an antibiotic.


This is one of the first adapotogens I started taking regularly. Why? It helps with the management of stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can play havoc not only on your mental health, but also your digestive health! Mind-Gut connection is real people. I started taking it in July 2019 when I went on a low FODMAP diet for my IBS symptoms. Since, I have continued to take it daily. I notice then when I forget to take it for a few days, I feel more anxious and if I am stressed, my severe bloating and stomach pain will reoccur. I add about 1/2 tsp to my smoothies daily.


I started taking maca after discovering it in my favourite smoothie at a local juice bar in all honesty. It has a caramel-taste and just seemed cool. I later found out that Maca is great for multiple things, especially in females. I personally use it to help regulate my hormones, boost in energy and as an added bonus it is known to increase libido. I notice that when I don’t take it, my period comes earlier than expected. I prefer to take gelatonized maca in my smoothies (about 1 tsp) as it is more easily absorbed by the body.


I started introducing collagen on a regular basis at the beginning of 2020 when I noticed how damaged and thin my hair was. There is a lot of stigma behind collagen powders and whether they actually do anything. I personally enjoy it as an extra source of protein and have experienced hair growth and improved hair health since beginning to take it; however, I do not contribute those results to solely collagen. I take about 1 scoop of collagen daily in my smoothie.


I don’t take this one every day, but I’ll add 2 droppers to some water or my lemon water when I do take it. It is great for digestion and balancing the pH level in your body. Plus it makes your water look cool.


I take an elemental iron every day after dinner with a little OJ. I have very low iron and even if i started eating red meat every night for dinner, I wouldn’t get my iron to where it needs to be. Having low iron can result in extreme tiredness or fatigue, hair loss, and thin and brittle hair and nails. I was instructed to take it by my RD after a blood test, so I listen! Elemental Iron is the easiest on the stomach and doesn’t cause constipaiton like most irons do. I have tried other types of iron in the past which have results in intense stomach pain, this one doesn’t hurt me at all! If you need to take an iron supplement, I highly recommend Triferrex (it can be bought over-the-counter).

I know this may seem like a lot, because it sort of is. I started taking all these vitamins and supplements at different times for varying reasons. The most important takeaways with introducing vitamins or supplements in your life are consistency and quality. It is important that you take your vitamins and supplements regularly to receive the benefits and to ensure that they are from a quality source. Yes, vitamins should be pricier. Opt for the more reputable brand that doesn’t have a bunch of fillers, it is worth it because otherwise you’re getting more filler than benefit.

Please remember to discuss all health concerns and needs with your medicial professional. They know you and your body best and what is needed or not needed.

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